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Maezawa Industries, Inc.

Efficient Waste Water Treatment: Dual Dissolved Oxygen (DO) control

Achieve space and energy saving, high efficiency treatment by using vertical drum mixers.

Technology features / advantages

  • Enhance treatment capacity by automatically controlling air volume and velocity of aeration

  • Achieve over 30% of energy-saving through using low power mixing motion and appropriate aeration volume by optimizing Dissolved Oxygen (DO) parameters.

  • Stable treatment: Stable formation of aerobic zone and anoxic zone enables advanced treatment for nitrogen and phosphorus.

Maezawa Industries, Inc.

■Head Office :
 5-11, Naka-Cho, Kawaguchi-Shi, Saitama

 332-8556 Japan

​ Corporate site is here

Operating in the following areas in the water and environment sector. ●Valve Water and sewage facilities, production, and sales of pipes’ iron casting valve ●Environment plants Design, manufacture, and installation of water, sewage facilities, equipment for sludge treatment facilities, and relay facilities ●Industrial water processing business Planning and solution business for water demand (wastewater treatment, recycling, etc.) of private factories, etc. ●Biomass business Proposing and constructing new energy systems to prevent global warming, constructing a recycling-oriented society.


We are one of the few valve manufacturers that can design, cast, process, and assemble cast iron valves in an integrated manner. We design and manufacture large valves, special valve, and we have tracking record of valves in Japan and overseas. Besides, we also have developed our own technologies for water and sewage and provide engineering that meets with user demands, which are also used in water treatment by the private sector in food factories. We are working on biomass, plant delivery centering in dairy industry in Hokkaido as a new initiative.


Our featured valves (which can adjust the flow rate and reduce cavitation that affects the maintenance of the inner pipe surface) have been used in more than 60 countries in ODA projects so far. We also conduct a NEDO demonstration survey (2014, 2020) on quality industrial water manufacturing technology in Thailand; we proceed with commercialization with local industrial park development firms.



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