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Shonan Trading.Co.,Ltd.

Chemical Recycling

Technology features / advantages

  1. By using an EREMA recycling machine to the loading machine it is possible to load film as is. Also, by loading melted (heated) material into the pyrolysis chamber production efficiency is increased.

  2. By using 1 loader and 2 pyrolysis chambers with a diverter valve, the chambers can be switched and continuous operation can be achieved.(1 chamber operating, 1 chamber cleaning)

  3. Oil quality is stabilized with a unique reaction tower.

Shonan Trading.Co.,Ltd.

■Headquarter :
 5F, TOBU YOKOHAMA 2- BLDG. 2-15-1,Kitasaiwai

 Nishi-ku Yokohama 220-0004 Japan

​ Corporate site is here

A trading company aims to introduce unique installation and the newest technologies mainly from Europe for soft packing installations (inflation installation & biaxial stretching device) and plastic recycle. As for plastic cannot be used in material recycle, it develops chemical recycle (making oil) and summary recycle (boiler) technologies domestically in Japan. It also supports sales and commercialization of recycle materials.


Introducing over 350 EREMA plastic regenerators to Japan. Running oil-making device and huge convertors without problems for over 15 years. We also have projects such as creating black board eraser grips with PET bottle caps collected in Hokkaido so people can easily understand plastic recycling and have a small, portable injection machine that we can take to places like elementary schools to offer real demonstrations.


Soft packing installations, plastic regenerator in many overseas countries.



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