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T.K.K.Evolution Co., Ltd.

“Magnetite Rust Method (Carbonated-Oxidant Layers Method)”

”Deterioration prevention technology for water supply pipes” : The technology will change red rust in hollowed part of the pipes into black rust, and recover original thickness of water pipes.
Japanese traditional technology of water reformation is industrialized by using artificial mineral crystals instead of natural minerals. We designed measuring apparatus for water reformation rate, and engineering work is enabled.

Technology features / advantages

  • No need to replace old water pipes with new ones. Installation work requires 1 to 3 days only. Maintenance-free, Energy-free

  • NETIS registered(by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport), Patents granted in Japan, USA, EC, Singapore, Malaysia, certified by JWWA (Japan Water Works Association)

  • Reduction of BOD by water reformation, Enhancement of detergency, Peeling off scale, Anti-bacteria effect

Detailed information

T.K.K.Evolution Co., Ltd.

■Head Office :
 25-2 Miharudai, Minami-ku Yokohama

 232-0002, Japan

 Corporate site is here

We developed industrial technology using Japanese traditional technology of water reformation by minerals, and created water reformation equipment “THE BIOWATER”. By introducing the equipment, we are marketing “Magnetite Rust Method” for recovery of deteriorated water pipes and “NCSC Method” (Non Chemical Scale Control method) for solution of scale elimination in domestic and overseas market.


Over 100 years in business since establishment, more than 3,000 construction results Many construction results using “Magnetite Rust Method” and “NCSC Method”.


Magnetite Rust Method for water pipes was used for a Hotel in Mongol. Field Test of water pipes in an office building was carried out using Magnetite Rust Method in Singapore. Field Test for NCSC Method was done at a factory in Indonesia. Participated by invitation from Taiwanese government at Exhibition hosted by the government three times. Participated at Exhibition “SIWW” in Singapore




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