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T.K.K.Evolution Co., Ltd.

“NCSC Method (Non Chemical Scale Control method)”

“NCSC Method (Non Chemical Scale Control method)”
The "NCSC Method" (Japanese Patent No. 6703660) is a technology that removes scale from the inside of pipes that have deteriorated over time without using any chemicals or energy. This is an industrial technology based on principles of Japanese traditional water reforming techniques. The reformed water has been used in various industrial fields in recent years.


Technology features / advantages

The scale in circulating water pipe of cooling tower reduces heat exchange efficiency in a condenser tank and causes over-driving of turbo compressor. Without periodic maintenance to clean a piping with chemicals, the power consumption for excessive operation can be 30% or more. With this method, excessive operation of the compressor can be corrected without cleaning the piping with chemicals and result in saving energy.

Detailed information

T.K.K.Evolution Co., Ltd.

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We developed industrial technology using Japanese traditional technology of water reformation by minerals, and created water reformation equipment “THE BIOWATER”. By introducing the equipment, we are marketing “Magnetite Rust Method” for recovery of deteriorated water pipes and “NCSC Method” (Non Chemical Scale Control method) for solution of scale elimination in domestic and overseas market.


Over 100 years in business since establishment, more than 3,000 construction results Many construction results using “Magnetite Rust Method” and “NCSC Method”.


Magnetite Rust Method for water pipes was used for a Hotel in Mongol. Field Test of water pipes in an office building was carried out using Magnetite Rust Method in Singapore. Field Test for NCSC Method was done at a factory in Indonesia. Participated by invitation from Taiwanese government at Exhibition hosted by the government three times. Participated at Exhibition “SIWW” in Singapore



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