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Koei Shoji Co., Ltd.

Koei Shoji Co., Ltd.

 1-13-3 Fukuura, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama

 236-0004, Japan

Corporate site is here

​■DARINGATE Pte. Ltd. (Subsidiary of Koei Shoji)

 8 Marina View Asia Square Tower 1

 #42-052, 018960 Singapore

DARINGATE Pte. Ltd. site is here


IT asset disposition (ITAD) and Comprehensive services for recycle-based society.

We promote our recycling business in conjunction with other businesses, using our experiences accumulated over the years.

ITAD Business (R2v3 Certified), Material Recycling Business, Industrial waste intermediate treatment, collection, and transportation business etc.


Technology features / advantages

ITAD Center [R2v3 Certified]

  • The latest version of R2, R2v3, has been certified.

  • R2 is a guideline specific to the business of recycling electrical and electronic equipment, and its purpose is to encourage and evaluate the proper recycling by related businesses.

  • Approximately 900 companies in 28 countries, mainly in the U.S., have obtained R2, making it a global standard in the field of electronics recycling.

-ITAD Business (IT Asset Disposition), -Material Recycling Business, -Industrial waste intermediate treatment -Collection & Transportation business -Legal & Contract Services


-One-Stop Service for All Over Japan We can support industrial waste, purchasing, disposing, data destruction and on-site services all over Japan. -Robust Security Measures Robust security in line with ISO27001 and R2 (Responsible Recycling) guidelines ensures that all possible measures are taken to prevent crime and information leaks. We have established an independent security room within the ITAD Center, and strictly control the IT equipment entrusted to us by using card authentication, metal detectors, pocketless work clothes, etc. We also provide 24-hour secure. -Our Efforts to Compliance To enhance corporate compliance, an in-house check system based on legal perspective from a third-party’s viewpoint is established. We are working to build a foundation for compliance with laws and regulations, including manifest management and information security measures.


-Singapore Business is mainly ITAD business. -ITAD is an environmentally friendly and proper disposal of unneeded and outdated equipment. We will securely erase data in a highly secure environment and provide you with a certificate of data erasure. We will also buy back the equipment.



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