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GUUN Co.,Ltd.


GUUN Co.,Ltd.

■Yokohama Head Office/Factory :
 17-3 Torihama-cho, Kanazawa-ku,

 Yokohama 236-0002 Japan

Corporate site is here

■Philippine Branch
Sitio Sun-ok, Barangay Tayud, Consolacion,

 Cebu, Philippines
 →YUSA Cebu Liaison Office

Plastic recycling business in Philippines

Guun has a track record of creating a waste management and recycling system from scratch with Local Government Unit (LGU) and realizes environmental improvement by appropriate proposal which based on the current situation and local needs. The plant is accepting and recycling 500t/month of plastic waste from Mandaue city and Marine Plastic which collected from all over Philippines.

Technology features / advantages

  • Lower CO2 emissions by 17% compared to coal.

  • One third of CO2 emissions and electricity usage in comparison with production of RPF

  • High heat value: 6,500 ~8,000kcal/kg

  • Contribution to local job creation by hiring waste-pickers

• Wood waste recycling, waste plastic recycling • Integrated consultation about waste processing and recycling • Fuel supply stemmed from waste • Investigation for overseas waste processing and improvement of waste


Processing power of the chip production facility= 371.5t/day (greatest in Kanagawa Prefecture), processing power of fluff production= 216.2t/day, and many other waste processing consultation.


・FS investigation and demonstration projects related to plastic waste recycling in Cebu City, Philippines (JICA, 2012-2015) ・Construction of a waste plastic recycling plant (70t/day) in the city of Consolacion, Philippines (Subsidy from Ministry of Environment, 2017) ・Waste processing investigation of Bangalore, India (Business consignment from Ministry of Environment, collaborative investigation 2015) ・FS investigation of plastic waste recycling in Gujarat states, India (JICA, external human capital, 2017) ・Fiji JETRO infra-system export on-site investigation and information promotion, 2019 ・FS on proper treatment of medical and infectious wastes by on-site sterilization and recycling of detoxified waste plastics in Cebu metropolitan area, Philippines.(Ministry of the Environment, Overseas Development of Japanese Recycling Industry Project, 2020) ・FS on biochar and feed production using food wastes in the Philippines(JICA,2022)




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